Using the internet is a daily occurrence for the majority of society in this day and age. The internet allows us to connect further, communicate faster, and make plans with ease. Today, customers of the hospitality industry desire convenience and speed. It is assumed that business’s will have websites, and also have an online booking and or ordering system. It is assumed businesses are on the internet. 

Search engines like Google are excellent at suggesting restaurants, cafes and takeaway locations within a certain distance of you. Try Googling “Cafes near me” and see what pops up. It uses your exact location to provide a selection of cafes within your location. 

In order for your business to appear however, you need to have an online presence;

  • Hire a web designer to create your business a website. There are a number of website programs that you can use for a DIY website, but how much easier is it when someone does it for you?! 
  • Register yourself on Google My Business. This way Google knows you exist 
  • Add yourself to Local Search.
  • Add an online booking system so people can book a table at your restaurant easily. 
  • Allow online ordering.

Companies such as UberEats and Deliveroo are successful because they recognise the busy nature of people today, and have tapped into this desired convenience market. They are also online! It’s a simple idea that has proven to be very effective. Simply choosing what you want for lunch on an app, and having it delivered to you at work, keeps people very satisfied. You can reach out to UberEats and submit a form to have them register you as an UberEats restaurant partner. This would be an effective way to have more people eating your food. 

It might seem like a hassle getting your hospitality based business onto the internet, but the benefits are insurmountable. The internet is the modern phone book, and this is where people will primarily be finding you without literally going past your shop front. There is a world of potential customers out there waiting for a business like yours to jump in front of them.