Sous Vide is a professional cooking technique using precise temperatures to create high quality, perfectly cooked and delicious foods. Typically, this method was used mostly by professional chefs, however with the formation of easy to use home cooking utensils, it is now possible to do in the comfort of your own home. The food is placed in a plastic bag and vacuumed sealed shut. It is then positioned in a pot of water and cooked at a specific temperature for the desired amount of time. 

Benefits of Sous Vide

  • Sous Vide ensures your food is cooked consistently and to perfection. When cooking purely in a pan, the texture is often inconsistent throughout. Because Sous Vide uses a precise temperature throughout the whole cooking process, it remains predictably perfect.
  • The Sous Vide method means your food will be absolutely tasty. The vacuum sealed bag means no flavour can disperse into the pot, and therefore the food cooks in its own delicious flavour. This results in moist and tender meals!
  • Time management is no concern with the Sous Vide method. Once you place the food into the pot, the rest is taken care of until it’s time to take it out. You do not need to stay with the pot or check it every few minutes.

 How do I do it?

 Believe it or not, the process is actually super simple

  1. Attach your precision cooker to a pot of water. Set it to the desired temperature and period of time.
  2. Place your food in a vacuum sealed bag or zip lock bag and add any necessary flavouring. Clip it to the side of the pot.
  3. When it has finished, take out the food and grill it in a pan to get the desired finish!

Sous Vide is super simple and easy to do at home. Do some research into ‘Precision Cookers’ and find one that suits your needs and budget. They make an excellent addition to any kitchen!