Robot Coupe R 4 V.V. Table-Top Cutter Mixer with 4.5Ltr Bowl

$3,820.00 ex. GST

The R 4 V.V. table-top cutter is ideal for grinding, mincing and kneading, as well as for making mousses, emulsions and smooth stuffing. It effortlessly performs even the lengthiest task in just a few minutes, consistently producing a flawless end product.

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R 4 V.V. table-top cutter. Single phase. Power: 1,000 W. 300 3,500 rpm variable speed. 4.5-l stainless steel bowl with handle, plus bowl-base, smooth-edged, twin blade assembly. 10-50 covers. Dispatched direct from Manufacturer, allow 3-5 working days for Metro delivery


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R 4 V.V. AUS