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Latte Pro 1000ml Milk Jug

$33.00 ex. GST

*This jug does not heat milk, to be used with a traditional espresso machine steam wand.

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The Latte Pro is a new and uniquely designed milk frothing jug. It features a robust and durable liquid crystal display (LCD) thermometer INTEGRATED into the jug, reducing the need for unreliable and time consuming stick thermometers to judge the correct milk temperature. The Latte Pro ensures that the preparation of milk is both hygienic and accurate. The accuracy of temperature allows for consistent milk drinks – no more lukewarm or burnt milk for staff to contend with! Colour silicon grommet for easy identification of milk type in each jug (3 per jug). Easily visible and suitable for both left and right handed users.

The Latte Pro is dishwasher safe which makes its use in commercial environments highly convenient.


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