Carpet Floor Sticker “Please Wait Here” Blue Commercial Grade 250mm

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Floor Sticker Carpet “Please Wait Here” Blue Commercial Grade 250mm

Commercial grade floor marking designed to provide warnings to help maintain social distance between people for COVID-19 social distancing requirements. Made of a flexible white opaque film coated with a permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive backed with a two side poly coated lay flat release liner. Designed to adhere to carpet in a heavy foot traffic area.

Suitable for low pile carpet. Not compatible with all types of carpet. Before purchasing please take into account the intended installation surface. They will adhere to carpets that have a long pile or shaggy carpets. No suitable for smooth surfaces like hardwood, laminate or tiles. Please see our Hard Floor range for this purpose.

To install, peel the non printed side of the sticker and gently place one end of the sticker to the carpet and slowly smooth the sticker with hands. For best results make sure the carpet surface is clean, free from dirt, dust and oils for proper adhesion.

Lifespan will depend on factors including: Correct installation on compatible surface, amount of foot traffic, exposure to UV light, contact with water, cleaning products or oils.
Carpet decals should be removed within 6 months of installation to avoid damage to carpet from the adhesive. To remove, pull sticker up at one edge and slowly peel away from surface. Sticker cannot be re-used.

Contact with water will permanently damage sticker
Self-adhesive step on floor sign
Designed to bond to Carpet
Suitable for internal use
Keep away from UV Light
250mm Diameter


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