Have you ever noticed that your fried food always looks more enticing, and tastes better when the oil is fresh? Have you noticed that after a while, fried foods tend to come out soggy, dark in colour, and oily. It makes sense right? Fresh oil means fresher food. But you can’t be expected to replace the oil every half an hour. This would become very expensive very quickly, and is not a sustainable practice. So what can you do to make the most of the oil you have, without compromising your product?

The answer is Synthetic Magnesium Silicate, such as Magnesol. This is a food grade, white powder that acts like a magnet, attracting the byproducts left in the oil such as fats, off odours, and off tastes. By Attracting these byproducts and removing them, the life of the cooking oil is extended. Traditionally, chefs would use regular “filters” to scoop out excess crumbs and food batter, however this doesn’t soak up the things you can’t see such as water residue, salt, soap etc. By using a combination of both traditional filters, and synthetic magnesium silicate, your oil will remain fresher for longer.

Your customers remember your business based on the service you offer and the quality of food you deliver. Put your best food forward with great quality deep frying oil. Fresh oil means Golden, Crispy and Tasty food. 

Magnesol is competitively priced, and efficient. At approximately $7 for a kilo of the absorbent powder, magnesol is very affordable. Use this product, coupled with one of our high quality, top of the line fryers, and see your business save thousands of dollars every year.