Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we don’t get to experience the “White Christmas” that other parts of the world do. At the moment, Australia is in its’ Summer season, and while we are experiencing a fair bit of rain and the frequent storm, our temperature is still sitting well within the high 20º to low 30º celcius range. Australian Christmas’s are quite different to those you see in the Movies. We don’t sit around a fire, or wear cheesy Christmas ‘sweaters’. A typical Australian Christmas involves BBQ, the Backyard and the beach! 

Hosting an Aussie Christmas – What You Will Need For Food: 

  • Prawns – the stereotypical saying says “Throw another shrimp on the barbie“, but that’s not actually a common saying. Prawns are a big part of Australian Christmases, served fresh! It’s not uncommon for the seafood line at the local Woolworths to go out the door, the moment the store opens on Christmas Eve. 
  • BBQ (Barbecue) – Barbecue is engrained in Australian culture. BBQ’s are often had to celebrate, relax, or spend time with family and friends. Sausages, steaks, chicken kebabs, onions and rissoles are BBQ favourites! 
  • Salads – The above foods are well complimented by a vast array of salads. e.g. Baked veggies, garden salad, pasta and potato salads, potato bake, and delicious sides. 
  • Dessert – No Christmas is complete without dessert! There are of course Australian favourites such as pavlova, which will make an appearance on most tables this Christmas. An array of fresh fruits and cakes may also be dished out in some households. 

What You Will Need For Entertainment: 

It’s an age old stereotype that Aussies love a good game of backyard cricket. For a lot of Australians, Christmas Day is the perfect day to debut your cricket skills, in a highly competitive game. Some may go to the beach and spend some time in the sun. Some families may even make the most of the hot weather and have a water fight with water-bombs and water-pistols. 

Like everywhere, each family, each city, each state will do things differently. Australians are just like everyone who celebrates Christmas- it’s all about good food, great times, and even better company.